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I've been playing poker for all my life and I never seen so many impossible bad beats. I've never seen so many flushes, straights, full houses, four of a kind and royal flushes in any in casino poker games BUT it happens in this site every other hand which is statically impossible.

So the game is definitely rigged without any doubt. Plus the strong hands like AK loses to weak hands 90% of the time. Forget about pocket aces I've lost billions to bad beats. I've lost over 400 billion chips in this game to river rats and to impossible bad beats with only one out.

My advice this game is rigged, if you are a good player stay away and play at the casino instead. You'll enjoy it more and have less stress. This game is not real poker just a big joke like pokerstars. Don't take the game seriously, too many kids playing this game and they will call with anything regardless of raise.

Not worth your time if you are looking for a good game of poker. Trust me it's very frustrating losing to lucky dumb players who have no clue about the game.

The game is programmed for you to lose so you will be forced to buy more chips. That's where it's totally not cool and wrong.

Product or Service Mentioned: Playtika Wsop Video Game.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The game is absolutely rigged. Table selection is NOT random nor are the cards. Don’t waist your money.


Each of the four comments made here is DEAD ON CORRECT. It is a real shame that WSOP licensed its name to Playtika, and their algorithm is set to have super monster hands about 35-45 percent of the time ...

By monster, I mean the big three: Flush, Quads, Full House. Add Straights and Sets to the mix, and you're now accounting for 70 percent of the winning hands. I see quads at least twice a day, usually 3 or more times a day. The odds of quads are 1:225,000 hands.

So with a wheel of 9 people, and everyone staying to the river (rare, but less rare at this place because of the stupidity), that is still once every [-] 22,500 hands (divided by 10 for simplicity... the real odds are about 10 percent less...).The programmers mix in the occasional high card winner, pair winner, two pair, but only to keep up appearances. This site will NOT teach you poker by your results.

I hope that an Attorney General somewhere will take notice and file a suit to force it to disclose that it cheats on the hands. Imagine it being like slots.


I've noticed this too. If there are three suited community cards, 95% of the time someone has a flush.

If there's any straight draw, most likely someone has it. People call insane raises with a pair of 2's....


WSOP has bots ( fake players).Pokerkid, keep it clean, Eliminator are just a few of the names. It's just to keep people in the game so not enough people play so they add robots to play against you and you won't beat them every once in awhile but mostly it's to have you lose so maybe you'll spend a few bucks of real money on their chips don't fall for the scam I can tell you I've had pocket aces 50 times and maybe won two hands.

The broke players that have the least to lose will always go all in. Another part of their scam.

If you keep losing stop the program is set up for you to lose every once in awhile you just might win a few hands in a row but it's mostly set up for you to lose hoping you will spend money on their chips. They would take all your grandma's money if they have their way.


I couldn't agree more!!! Same experience.

I've played thousands of hands at real poker tables. The BS action on the Playtika WSOP tables is so bogus. Way too many river wins.

Ridiculous turn/river combos giving wins to *** hands over strong winning flop hands. So friggin' ridiculous!!!Doesn't anyone have a fair/realistic texas holdem game?????

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