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I have played real cash poker for ten years. I have played the Playtika Wsop poker for two years.

I see more 3 card flops with pairs, flushes and straights in an hour than I see in 100 hours of real poker. This is statistically impossible. The deal is totally unrealistic. This site is rigged to redistribute the wealth to smaller stacks.

This site is rigged to allow preflop, all in bets to win way more than they should.

This site is designed to create monster hands and lots of action rather than be realistic. Shame on Wsop for attaching their name to this bogus poker website.

This person wrote the review because of bad quality of playtika wsop video game from Playtika. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $100 and wants Playtika to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was unrealistic dealing. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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playtika wsop is nothing but a SCAM!!!!!!!!!LOTS of BOTS who destroy real players who are playing!BOTS who are programmed to give the game 5 stars on the Google Play site!!!!!!Most REAL PEOPLE (who are NOT BOTS) rate this game at either 1 or 0 (which I wish there was a button to click 0 rating).Also....... Certificate is a load of BS!!!!It's NOT random!!!!!!!!!Either the BOTS always win OR players who have spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS buying chips, they seem to win alot as well.BS company designed to rob you blind!!!!Hope someone out there manages to send a VIRUS to your game and DESTROY your DEADLY COMPANY who rip people off!!!!Your game needs to be TAKEN OFF of Google Play forever!!!!


Too many trips 90% of the time, trips have odds of 1.35% so me included it should have max 13.5% to ever get one. BS


This app is absolute garbage it's a scam and I hope that one day the makers get what they give. See what it's like to be robbed good luck


Totally rigged! When you can buy or win “momentum”, this gives those players better cards. Waste of time.


The site picks the winner before the cards are dealt. That player either wins on the flop, turn, or river.

It's just a guessing game. Your hole cards are meaningless. If you are dealt AA, then the site has already picked 2 or 3 players who will crack your aces with whatever hand they're holding at the moment no matter how bad they are.

The flop, turn, river, and the hole cards dealt, are all predetermined and the results are meant to maximize the pot. That is why you see everybody calling everything on the site, because their chances of winning are equally as good as anyone else's, no matter what cards the other player has.


I thought the game had extremely high ratio for the higher hands. I played fifteen hands to see what kind of hands would pop up.

This is what turned up: (3) Full Houses, (2) Flushes, (1) Straight, (1) 3 of a kind, (2) 2 pairs , (3) pairs and (3) High card. During this time I lost tons of chips with a flush, straight, and 2 pairs.

I got beat on the river all three times and lost all my chips (1.25 million) each time. Sounds like a rig game to me!!


I am an engineer and i have been playing this game for at least two years. I have never spent any money, meaning, and I am not a paying customer of their product.

I came out today to look for posts on this topic. The idea that wsop.app is rigged is interesting. If you are going to rig something, there needs to be a purpose. The easy thought is, so wsop makes money.Okay, so how do you accomplish that.

You need to sell goods and service. And they do, they sell chips and status. The app is free. So the status idea is easy.

People like to be preceived as good, important, special, etc. Wsop is very good at this. But that's not enough. You need to make the game additive.

This is difficult when there is no money to win, well real money anyway. So how do you do that. Certainly not by using a random number generator aND acurate physics model.Poker is a very slow game and big hands are not common. But wsop needs big hands to be common to make the game exciting.

So they modify physic engine to only use a small number of boring hands created by the RNG (random number generator) to create more winning hands and make big hands more common. Then they let people do the rest.People who understand poker get extremely frustrated with the game. This is because everyone plays every hand. This merges nicely with wsop's plan.

wsop will continue to give out more and more free money to keep as many people playing as long as possible.Let's talk about the important stats. Wsop is not cheating for anyone. But they are making money, and a lot of it. The more people play, the more people lose and the more chips and service they sell.

They don't care who wins because statistically everyone will get unlucky at some point. At that point, they will either wait for more free chips, or buy. And many people buy regardless of what the admit to. This is easy to figure out.

All you have to do is look at the ratio of level to hands played and/or consider the raise frequency.I have played for 2 years, about 110,000 hand, I am at level 190, and I am a good player(I have gotten as high as $260,000,000, and over $100,000,000 many times. If you look at my raise frequency, i fold 38% of the time before the flop, about 22% after the flop, 9% on the turn, and about 6% on the river. This is 85%, the other 15% i either win or lose. My raise frequency is 5.9%.

Any raise frequency over 7% is not a good player. Over 10% is crazy, and i have seen 30%. You simply cannot win 30% of the time at a table with 8 players. The person with a 30% raise frequency that has chips have chips because they buy them.

You can use this as a metric. Each level is progressively harder, so the level and number of hands played needs to make sense. So if you see someone at level 100 and they have played 10,000 hands. The other 60,000 hands were avoided with cash payment.Now the crazy stats.

My most significant bad beat was ace over 5's full house loss to four of a kind (5's). The chance of this happening in real life, well that was my PowerBall win. Except, it's not. I have lost this way five times, yes five, it's a miricle, lol.So, are they using a RNG, yes, but their pyhsics engine is not a 52 card poker deck following normal probability.

They have altered the physic to create more winning hands and to make big hands more common. Do they care who wins, no, they simply want your money. Is it possible to control who wins real time, maybe, but why bother. The goal of wsop is to make money, and they do, believe it.

They have created an entertaining product that creates the same rules for everyone. But it is not poker. Meaning, if you think this is what a table at the actual wsop main event looks like, save your 10k entrance fee. You are going to be really disapointed.If you want to win at this game, never play with all your money.

I play with all my money frequently, but I do not care about the total. I like to trap people. But if you truly play carefully and skillfully, avoid all-in pots unless you are positive that no better hand exists in that deal, and fold often, you can win and build you money. The truth is that this requires more patients than skill.

The really cool element of poker is lost here in this app.

It is impossible to successfully use bluffing as a strategy. This is because everyone plays every hand.


I never paid into this app and grinded away for a year, mostly in tournaments. Bankroll was up to 180 million.Then the latest update happened.

Atlantic buy in went from 50,000 to 500,000 overnight. And I started seeing everything being described here.I'm playing the same style that built my bankroll but bleeding chips left and right. From tournaments!Some cheat bs came in with that update.

Stay away from this app. Scam.


Yes for sure it’s rigged


Totally agree with everything mentioned. It's not realistic.


i agree 100%, stay away guys.


The site uses bots that are rigged to win, then dumps their chips to other bots so that you don't notice who's winning all the time.

to Anonymous #1491183



App is trash, too many setups and bad beats. They have a rake for crying out loud.

Why is there a rake if your not playing for real money, it makes no sense. They just want you to buy chips.


This algorithm is probably the worst I've seen ever. I've played poker forever and have never seen such *** before.

WSOP and playtika needs to be held accountable. They are cheating all these honest paying customers who purchase chips through their site. The support team keeps making excuses and saying that they use a 3rd party software so they can't get blamed for this crap. I've never seen so many bad beats in 10 minutes of playing compared to me playing a whole poker tournament in real life.

How is this acceptable? The government needs to come in and shut this crap down. A class action lawsuit needs to be in place against playtika and WSOP. If we get enough signatures we can make this happen.

It's unreal how they displace blame by saying playtika is random. But when you sit here and play for 19 minutes you will realize how rigged this site is. People need to stop playing WSOP due to this reason. America needs to shut this software down permanently.

People need to understand that playtika and WSOP do this on purpose so they can profit more money with these honest paying customers.

Please do something about this? This is ridiculous.


Played a table where one individual or maybe it was a bot won about 70 per cent of the time in a period of about an hour


contact bbb they ripped me off to mant times


why are not people contacting bbb


I have been playing for only 6 months. And on two different occasions, I have had my identity and all my cash removed, once complain and all CASH was returned.

But status was not $4.5m . The second time $48m was removed and nothing was ever resolved after 30 days . And since then I've gone through over $100 million with my own created new identity . In the best hands to be Beat , By hands that should Never be involved with the amount being bet .

( to catch a 3 out possibly to the worst end of a straight , numerous times . Quite the joke

to Ned #1461865

The more realistic site is poker tour.com the hands come out more like they do sitting at a casino card table and the World Series of Poker at least that just for fun site is totally rigged they let people win or War people around so they have fun I don't know if you were playing for cash on World Series of Poker if it would be different but I will never play for cash on that site

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