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I have played real cash poker for ten years.I have played the Playtika Wsop poker for two years.

I see more 3 card flops with pairs, flushes and straights in an hour than I see in 100 hours of real poker. This is statistically impossible. The deal is totally unrealistic. This site is rigged to redistribute the wealth to smaller stacks.

This site is rigged to allow preflop, all in bets to win way more than they should.

This site is designed to create monster hands and lots of action rather than be realistic.Shame on Wsop for attaching their name to this bogus poker website.

This person wrote the review because of bad quality of playtika wsop video game from Playtika. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $100 and wants Playtika to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was unrealistic dealing. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Have you read there terms of service.they say they can modify anything the want without reason or notification and they can garnish paid for currency at will.they end it saying they have the right to delete any information they want.multiple times they say no one from playtika can be held responsible.shut email down.there nothing but common thieves


Once you spend real money you start losing to absolute bs, if you have 2 pairs A 10 then someone else will have 2 pairs A J and win that way 99% of the time.Or you will have a pair of Aces and lose to a kicker card 1 higher than your own.

Everything was fine until I spent $20 US Dollars on Chips because I wanted to play higher stakes, then I start losing to insane *** all the time. They do this so we will have to buy more chips if we want to keep playing.

And I've never seen so many 4 of a Kinds and Straight Flushes in a day on any other poker App or Site. Its totally unrealistic, they claim they use a "Random Number Generator" that uses a specific "Algorithm" to make sure its fair, I don't believe them.

There's no other explanation for losing once you Actually buy Chips than its RIGGED.I'm going to start calling my Congressman and Senator and request them pass a law to regulate all forms of Gambling..if they are going to take our real money for fake coins or chips then it should have the same oversight as a Real Casino.


Yes absolute BS!

Erase the app and start over you'll see a pattern.You'll win easy then get big strike on the wheel.

They get you into millions fast before it all starts going downhill. That's when you'll be dealt 7,3 or 5,3 crap for eons. Your cards will be like radioactive. A 2,8 guaranteed a J,Q will come up closest card will almost always be 2 away.

Ace? K,J will come up but never a straight.

Then the wheels will give you crap no more striking big. You'll get 160k or 110k and lose it quick time.

It's disgusting so obvious they want you to win to start and get the taste then starve you into submission hoping you buy.

Then even more ads to buy with real money.

No ads for other products here what for I'm sure lots of ppl get hooked and pay and are getting worked like a yoyo same ppl that send money to chicks on the internet.Sad.


think about this...my question is who has all the chips?we buy chips they give free chips.

but nobody is with drawing chips. So where do all the chips go?

I have been play poker since I was a teen. I am 40 now. I have had maybe 15 losing sessions in real life.

but cant get ahead with this app. It should be easy people throw.money like its fake.

And make bad calls but I lose to these people in the long run.The odds say the oppisite should.happen


Completely rigged.If you go all in with any hand, guaranteed the person pushing all in will win.

Also hands like flush and royal flush are common.Completely fake


If you were looking for a site to learn or improve your game.You are wasting your time.Simply a Carrot and Stick approach to get you to buy play chips and pad their pockets...


I 1000000000000% AGREE.This game is totally rigged.

It's pathetic. When I first played it I purchased chips... NEVER AGAIN. TOTALLY RIGGED.

They try to get you to buy more.

I have never in my life seen so many people go all in with absolutely nothing and then hit some ***.It's FAKE as it gets.


I completely agree with the sentiments expressed here.I started taking notes during a session and I saw a string of 9 consecutive hands where there was a straight or higher.

No possible way this happens in reality. I would discourage anyone that wants to learn to play poker to avoid this game.

It's unrealistic world will cause you to develop some really bad habits and cost you money when you get to a live game in a casino.Steer clear of this app.


I agree. WSOP freeroll is rigged


I agree, this poker scam is designed to make u get broke untill u snap and buy chips........ i can proof this because i hacked thier code just to find all kinds of *** programming......

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