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I have played real cash poker for ten years. I have played the Playtika Wsop poker for two years.

I see more 3 card flops with pairs, flushes and straights in an hour than I see in 100 hours of real poker. This is statistically impossible. The deal is totally unrealistic. This site is rigged to redistribute the wealth to smaller stacks.

This site is rigged to allow preflop, all in bets to win way more than they should.

This site is designed to create monster hands and lots of action rather than be realistic. Shame on Wsop for attaching their name to this bogus poker website.

Product or Service Mentioned: Playtika Wsop Video Game.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100.

I didn't like: Unrealistic dealing.

  • Wsop Poker
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Don't buy chips. They will steal them all in the hopes you will buy more. I can't believe these people are legally allowed to scam people like this.


How these *** are allowed to operate without anyone going to prison is beyond me.




Been playing wsop app for about a month. I just uninstalled it from my phone.

Thankfully I have not spent one penny of my real money on that garbage game. It should be called "My-'Opponent'-Gets-A-Straight-Every-Hand Series of Poker". I finally wised up that it was rigged when for some reason I was big blind 3 hands in a row with 5 2 or similar each time and my opponent to my left goes all-in pre flop so I fold and he gets my blind 3 time in a row. Also I watch so many "players" go all-in with something like 3 4 unsuited and end up with a straight.

Also also, who in their right mind tips a fake dealer??? Would like to find an honest free/optional-pay poker app.


Online poker gets more rigged by the day . when a new game comes out and when an old game gets updated more rigged bs comes in with it .

Take Providence poker for example ( full disclosure, iv never played this game before) but the reviews from it are insain. About 90% of the reviews are saying its rigged.


They don't even pretend to make it fair. They just let the new players win for a while then they cap their winnings and let either their bots or newer players win everything.


Agree 100%. I have almost 20 yrs poker experience and have seen more quads in the 2 years ive played online and the 2 decades at the table.

I dont take it serious anymore, and only play very small amounts because it is clearly based on a fixed algorithm. One thing to watch is how many people with a wired pair who flop 3 to a straight, theyll go runner runner and hit their straight as if the algorithm is giving them double the odds to hit the straight.


Funny, I noticed the exact opposite... Many times 5 cards on the table, and not so much as a pair combined with my pocket cards.

In other words, completely unrealistic lousy cards, over and over... I agree the fix is obviously in.


For anyone out there who believes there are better alternatives...I have bad news for you. There isn't.

They're all rigged. Every single one.


I have enjoyed poker for 40 years, until I played this game. It has given me fits.


Again my best hand lost to a lesser hand and not for the first time and not one reply to my email. Yet my worded complaint was instantly taken of screen.


When you have an A high flush go all in and lose to a K high flush and that was not the first time my winning hand lost. I sent an email requesting an explanation typically no reply.


Never give these people money. It only encourages them to rig the game over and over again.

If you must play, just open multiple accounts.

Usually, they let you win for a little when they think you're a new player. But switch to a different account when you start losing because you will never win on the site again on the same account.


It took me weeks, weeks to earn over 100 million chips, only to get up the next morning and lose 49 hands in a row. Not even tie and bankrupt me....I jumped tables and rooms with a max of 4- 7 players only to keep getting losing hands.

Mathematically impossible. statistically impossible. The game is rigged. Players with the worse hands beat you on the river.

I would like to see them to that on a REAL poker table.

The game is designed to give you a false sense of accomplishment and drop you fast, so you will pull out a credit card and "buy" to get back in.......A Scam and a class action suit must be filed against them for scamming. They must be making 500K in real money an hour with the scam they are running.

to Anonymous #1611588

I totally agree with the comments, and have been playing for couple years. Your site seems to be set up just as the complaints suggest.

No matter when I play or for how many chips, it is also inconceivable how often hands are won by flushes compared to "real poker". I can only speculate as to why you have set the site up this way. In addition...recently you are not allowing me to play, and are asking me to sign an agreement. Who are you kidding...after all the complaints you are receiving?

Finally, I have had it! Please take me off your site.


I agree. I played 35 hands this morning.

I had pocket A's K's and Q's and flopped trips only to lose to garbage hands.

The whole objective is to get you hooked to buy chips. No real action- all fake to make you buy more chips.


Way too many runner/runner suckouts too


I do agree on how it’s rigged, I also have had similar hands and lost. Just don’t spend any money. I’ve never given them any money.


for sure, losers have to cheat


I agree, it's a scandalous app. I had KK, flop was 2/2/K, I went all in $400m+ and was called by a guy with A/7 off suit.

Turn A, river A.

The most BS ever. I've had more full houses and trips beat by 4 of a kind in one day than I've seen in the 13 years of working at a card house casino.

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